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Geogrid Construction Types / mesh patterns

Geogrid is typically composed of polypropylene, polyester, or glass-fiber material. The apertures on the geogrid are designed to provide points of connection for soil particles, improving strength, stiffness, and service life.

According to the gridding structure and mesh types, there are four types as follows:

Biaxial geogrid: Biaxial geogrid is a two-dimensional grid product commonly used in soil stabilization and reinforcement applications.

Specifications of Steel-plastic Biaxial Geogrid: 40kn-40, 50kn-50, 60kn-60, 70kn-70, 80kn-80, 100kn-100, 150kn-150 and other special models can be customized.

Uniaxial geogrid: Uniaxial geogrid is an one-dimensional geosynthetic reinforcement product that increase the strength, stiffness, and service life of soils by providing points of connection within a grid structure.

Length and width: 2*100m 3*100m
Color: Black
Tensile strength: 35-300N/m
Specification: 50kn 80kn 100kn 120kn 160kn
Nominal tensile strength: 150kn
Features: high strength, high load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance
Material: Polypropylene PP, Polyethylene HDPE

Triaxial aperture geogrid: Triaxial aperture geogrid is a type of geogrid composed of three-dimensional apertures. It is most commonly used in applications where an existing soil layer needs to be strengthened or stabilized, such as roads, embankments, retaining walls, and landfill covers.

Triaxial plastic geogrid, high quality pp geogrid rolls for earthwork, road reinforcement and driveway.

Multi-axial geogrid: Multi-axial geogrid is a multi-dimensional reinforcement product, made of polypropylene, polyester or glass-fiber material. Multi-axial geogrids provide increased surface area, improved lateral interlock, increased pull-out resistance, and greater lateral and vertical confinement to soils.

Multi-axial PP geogrid
Use: Road base reinforcement
Color:Black Green
Width: 4 meters, also can be customized
Mesh hole:diamond
Tensile strength:15-50kn
Features: High strength, small deformation
Material: Polypropylene
Longitudinal elongation at yield: 15%
Transverse elongation at yield:13%