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Geogrids - geosynthetic material to reinforce retaining walls and road ground soils structures

Mesh materials for geogrids are mainly four types: plastic (Polyethylene and Polypropylene), steel-plastic (high-strength steel wire wrapped in high-density polyethylene to form high-strength strips), glass fiber, and polyester warp-knitted. Manufacturing include woven, knitted, extruded, etc.

Construction or mesh pattern for geogrid textile can be four types: Biaxial geogrid, uniaxial, triaxial , speical multi-axial. When used in civil engineering, a two-dimensional (biaxial) or three-dimensional (tri-axial) grid offers different properties.

All geogrid materials have their own advantages in reinforcing soil and aggregate engineering projects:
Polyester geogrids are very durable and resistant to wear and tear, while Polypropylene (PP) is lightweight, flexible, and less expensive than the other two options. Polyethylene (PE) geogrids are the most widely used due to its high strength, low cost, and resistance to oxidation.

Plastic geogrids can be divided into two types according to materials (PP and PE), two types according to structures (Uniaxial plastic geogrids and Biaxial plastic geogrids).

Fiberglass geogrid is made of alkali-free fiber glass roving as the main raw material, woven into a mesh structure and then coated with a special modified asphalt. It features flame retardant, alkali resisting, high strength, wear resistance, cold resistance, thermal stability, and reinforced and fracture prevention properties when interlocked with soil. The asphalt coating also provides a twofold composite performance, enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the asphalt mixture while improving its wear resistance and shear resistance.

Polyester geogrid is made of high molecular and high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarn, featuring flexibility, super creep resistance, ideal for slope stabilization, soil retaining, road supporting and underground construction projects.

Geogrids of four kinds of materials:

Plastic Geogrid (Polyethylene and Polypropylene)

Geo Grids PP Biaxial Geogrid
Plastic Geogrid 40kn for Road Reinforcement, Material: PP, Pattern: Biaxial

Steel-plastic Geogrids

Steel-plastic geogrid for reinforced retaining walls and Polypropylene steel-plastic composite mining geogrid for ground reinforcement

Fiber glass Geogrids for Soil stabilisation and reinforcement

Fiberglass Geogrid for Asphalt Pavement and Roadbed overall strength enhancing by improving water access and soil concretion, restraining subsidence effectively, decentralising stress uniformly.

Polyester(PET) warp-knitted geogrids

High Tensile Strength Biaxial Warp Knitted Polyester PET Geogrids with high UV resistance

Applications of Geogrids include reinforcement for reinforced soil structures and to enhance filtration / draining performance:
Geogrids are typically used in road construction, railroad engineering, and foundation projects to reinforce retaining walls, stabilize slopes, and asphalt and concrete, for soil and erosion control, as well as protecting waterways and shorelines.

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