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Plastic composite geogrids

PP Composite Reinforcement
Biaxial Geogrid

for reinforced soil structures

Hdpe uniaxial geogrid

HDPE High Density Polyethylene
Uniaxial Geogrid

— mainly used for retaining wall reinforcement

Fiberglass Geogrid with
Superior Cold Resistance.

— an ideal choice for asphalt pavement reflective cracking

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Here at Geomaster, we provide information about our geogrid materials, including Geogrid Products, classification of geo-grids, applications and engineering solutions. As a professional geogrid manufacturer, we supply prime quality products with competitive quotations.

Plastic PP Geogrid

Mesh size: 33*33mm,39*39mm,usage: soil reinforcement, length: 50-100m/roll, width-uniaxial:1,3m, width-biaxial:3-6m,tensile strength: 15kn-50kn, color: black or customer's request.

Fiber Glass Geogrid

Fiberglass geogrid with asphalt coated 40kn x 40kn,fiber glass warp knitted geogrid,glass fiber geogrid self-adhesive type,fiberglass geogrid - 5x5mm geogrid fiberglass fabric without adhesive....

Polyester Geogrid

Polyester asphalt reinforcement (PET) geogrid non woven with an aperture size of 40MM and PP geofabric membrane with a bituminous coating with bitumen content greater than 65% ...

Steel Plastic Composite Geogrid

Size: 3.95*5,color: black,width: 1-6m, length: 50-100m,tensile strength:20kn,30kn,50kn,80kn-200kn/m,material: HDPE,carbon stell wire,application:railway, soft soil subgrade...

HDPE or PP Biaxial Geogrid

Fiberglass biaxial geogrid of min. 80 kn.m tensile strength to be used as a reinforcement layer in asphalt road pavement. Biaxial pp welded geogrid for stabilization of flexible pave road....

PET Uniaxial Geogrid

UX Geogrid is a high strength polyester geosynthetic material designed for soil reinforcing. It has a tensile strength of 144 KN/m, UV resistance, and withstands temperatures up to 90°C....

Design, manufacture and installation

Biaxial Geogrid,Uniaxial Geogrid,Triaxial Aperture or Multi-axial Geogrid

Application + Solutions

We export geogrid products for roads, retaining wall, and slope stabilization projects in Australia, Jordan, and other countries.