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gabion Retaining Wall with Geogrid and wire mesh gabions - project in the USA

Our Clients need to build retaining wall against flood, they plan to backfill the wall with native sand and gravel from nearby.

Comprehensive solution for the design and construction of stone retaining wall with geogrid, gabion baskets and geo textiles:
The project aims to provide effective flood control measures while preserving the natural landscape and ensuring long-term stability of the retaining structure.
We supply materials involved include Galfan gabions, geo textiles and geogrids.

1. Supply Gabion fascia with integrated tail units of 1m high:
Gabions are made of double twisted woven steel wire mesh, mesh shape: hexagonal, mesh size 10x12 with minimum punch strength 19kN, Mesh wire diameter 2.7/3.7mm(ID/OD)
Surface: Galfan (Zn90%+Al10%) +PVC coated
Edge: Mechanically edged/selvedged
Twisting and partition: Minimum 10 numbers of mesh openings per meter of mesh perpendicular to twist, with partition at 1 m interval
Size 3.00 including tail X 3.00 (L) X 1.00 (D)

2. Supply Uniaxial PET Geogrid for Reinforcement in Retaining Wall:
High strength flexible geo‐grid as primary reinforcement, with a high quality coating like LDPE or equivalent. Latex or PVC coating or any other coating shall not be permitted.
GEOGRID construction: High Strength Flexible Uniaxial with low creep characteristics
Materials: Polyester (PET) with an outer protective coating of low density polyethylene sheath.
Selection of geo‐grid for gabion wall is mainly based on three values:
a, Long term design strength values for long term uses; b, it shall have Ultimate tensile strength for reinforcement in Flexible Retaining Wall; c, High Strength (Geogrid of 200 kN/m.).

3. Supply Gabion baskets with thermally bonded non woven geotextile as filter media behind Gabion fascia units and below Mattress:
Geotextile type: Per MoRTH 700 Type‐III geotextile bonded non woven cloth.
Roll size: The width of the geotextile roll shall not be less than 4.5m

The objective of this solution is to provide a comprehensive plan for building stone retaining wall, ensure the project's success, including stability, durability, and environmental sustainability. provides long-term stability and reinforcement.

Geogrid Installation:
Proper anchoring, overlapping, and tensioning techniques are needed for geogrids laying. Ensure that the geogrid is securely attached to the retaining wall and extends into the proper backfill zone.

This solution provides a comprehensive plan for the design and construction of gabions retaining wall in the USA. Adhering to engineering principles, environmental considerations, and sustainable practices, our solution ensures the long-term stability and resilience of the retaining wall while preserving the natural landscape.