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High Tensile Steel Plastic Composite Geogrid to restrict burrowing animals project in Australia

Metalized plastic covered mesh to use as a wire mesh material to restrict burrowing animals and accidental hand digging. Australia is known for its unique and diverse wildlife, but it also faces challenges related to burrowing animals and accidental hand digging. These activities can lead to soil erosion, infrastructure damage, and safety hazards. The solution can be the implementation of metalized plastic coated geogrids.

Metalized plastic coated geogrids can be used as mesh material used to form a physical barrier that prevents certain animals from burrowing in and around infrastructure and other construction projects. The metalized plastic coating provides additional corrosion resistance and UV protection, making them suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Why Geogrid in subsitude of Metal Wire Mesh for Fencing Barriers?
Metalized plastic coated geogrids are extremely cost-effective;
Easy to install and require very little maintenance over time;
This geogrid mesh has metal steel wire inside offering higher strength and coated with excellent corrosion resistance.

For the specific project, 64,000m2 of metalized plastic coated geogrid / geonet with following similar properties below but with a smaller aperture is supplied.

Wire mesh materials to be replaced:
2.7mm core wire diameter then galvanised and PVC coated.
The wire is coated with a Zinc/Aluminium alloy which has been demonstrated to last 2-3 times longer than traditionally heavily galvanised wire of equal diameter.
The wire is woven with a double twist weave to minimise the potential for the mesh to easily unravel.
PVC coating is a thick, 0.5mm average sheath to further protect the core wire against corrosion.
the aperture size (80mm x 100mm mesh aperture).

We supply a similar geo grid product with a smaller aperture ( 50mm).
We supply geogrid nets in rolls in 40'fcl to Melbourne, Australia.