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Composite Geogrids

The fiberglass geogrid complex geocloth
Product Introduction
The fiberglass geogrid complex geocloth is the non-infiltrationthe materials base of fiberglass geogrid and geocloth. To prevent road surface crack caused by foundation crack reflection. The chemistry stability is good, the hot-stability is good, anti-weary dehiscence, anti-low temperature shrinkage crack, postponement reduction reflection crack.

Product Features
1. Breadth 1.0m-6.5m, the weight is 200-1500mg/m.
2. Tensile, slitting-resistant, bursting, and other indicators of high physical and mechanical properties.
3. The compound earthwork membrane uses geocloth as the basic; therefore it has geocloth to isolate, draining water, reinforcement, protection, but also has the anti-seepage function.
4. Because it selects the high polymer material, and the technique of production increased the antioxidant, therefore may use in the non-conventional temperature environment.
Product Function
It can widely apply in the water conservation, the municipal administration, the building, the transportation, the subway, the tunnel, the environmental protection and so on.


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