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Geogrids of Various Uses:
Geogrids Applications
HDPE Geogrid Soil
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Fiberglass Geogrid
HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid
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Warp Knitted Polyester
High-strength metal plastic
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Composite Geogrids
PP Composite
reinforcement with grid
PP Biaxial Geogrid
PVC Coated Polyester
Geotextile and other Materials:
Non-woven Geotextile
Composite Geotextiles
Polypropylene Fiber-Mesh
E Glass Woven Rovings
Gabion Retaining Wall
Gabion Mattress
Alkali Resistant Fiberglass

Composite Geotextiles

1. Product Description
The product is international advanced applied geo-material that is made from woven geo-textile of glass fiber (or synthetic fiber) and non-woven polyester geo-textile through warp knitting. The product mainly has two types: Non-reinforcement type and reinforcement type. It not only has such inherent characteristics of non-woven geo-textile as separation, water permeability and reverse filtration, but also has the excellent performance of woven geo-textile (such as high tensile strength, low elongation percentage and high dimensional stability). The product has good physical and chemical stability, cold resistance and ageing resistance.

2 Product Performance
The product, which is featured by high tensile strength, low elongation percentage, small longitudinal and transverse deformation, high tearing strength, high bursting strength and excellent water permeability & reverse filtration performance, has such functions as water permeability, reverse filtration, reinforcement, separation and protection, etc. It has good corrosion resistance and ageing resistance.

3. Engineering Application
The product can be widely used for water and soil-related building engineering, such as dike engineering of sea beach, river, reservoir and lake. It can effectively resist sea beat, water level change, prevent soil body loss and foundation deformation, homogenize the stress of dike foundation, and improve the stability of dike foundation.


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