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High-strength metal plastic BX geogrid


It can be used widely in the earthwork engineering, such as the roadway, railway, earth bank, approach road, dock, retaining wall, flood dike, dam, mudflat treatment, freight yard, spoil area, airport, stadium, environment protection buildings, retaining wall, slope protection, and the road surface cracking resistance, etc.


Large strength, small creep deformation, suitable for various environmental soils, and satisfies the usage of large retaining wall used in the high-grade roadway.

Improve the interlocking and the occlusion of the reinforcement supporting surface, increase the bearing capacity of the groundsill considerably, restrict the lateral displacement of the soil body effectively, and strengthen the stability of the groundsill.

Compared with the traditional geo-grid, it owns the advantages of large strength, strong bearing capacity, erosion resistance, aging resistance, large coefficient of friction, average eyelet, convenient to construct, and long service life, etc.

It is more applied to the deep-sea work and the bank reinforcement. It solves the technical problems radically, such as the low strength, bad erosion resistance and short service life caused by erosion of the sea water.


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