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Geogrid for mining


1) High-strength: The tensile strength is higher than that of the diamond mesh, and it can replace the diamond mesh.

2) Innovation: Weave the high-strength material by the plastic and the mesh joint is firm.

3) Low extension: Low unit extension, average stress, and avoid the appearance of the tuck net effectively.

4) Light: Weigh about 1kg/m2. Reduce the labor intensity, improve the working efficiency, and simple to install and use.

5) Safety: Static resistant, inflaming retarding, avoid the appearance of the electric sparkle effectively.

6) Erosion resistance: Its plastic surface ensures long service life and no invalidation caused by the erosion.

Technical indexes of the Geogrid for mining

Unit Using for intermediate ceiling Using for side protection net
Width m 1—3 1—3
Mesh size mm 50±4 50±4
Drawing force of the single mesh ≥N 4000 2000
Tensile stretch of the single mesh ≤% 5 5
Stripping force of the joint ≥N 50 50
Resistance of the product’s surface <Ω 1.0×109 1.0×109
Fire out time ≤S 10 10


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