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Geogrids of Various Uses:
Geogrids Applications
HDPE Geogrid Soil
Retaining Wall Geogrids
Chemical Resistant
Geogrid for mining
Geogrid of Various Styles:
Fiberglass Geogrid
HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid
Biaxial geogrid-PP
PP Uniaxial geogrid(UX)
Warp Knitted Polyester
High-strength metal plastic
BX geogrid
Composite Geogrids
PP Composite
reinforcement with grid
PP Biaxial Geogrid
PVC Coated Polyester
Geotextile and other Materials:
Non-woven Geotextile
Composite Geotextiles
Polypropylene Fiber-Mesh
E Glass Woven Rovings
Gabion Retaining Wall
Gabion Mattress
Alkali Resistant Fiberglass

Geogrids Applications

Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments

Retaining wall systems comprise of a soil mass, reinforced with uniaxial geogrids and finished with a wide choice of facing options. Geogrids connect with several different block systems, concrete panels, steel mesh panels, or can be used as a wraparound facing.

Slopes and slip repairs

Reinforced soil slopes offer a fast, economical and versatile technic for constructing embankments and slip repairs when a steep face angle is required. Slopes of any angle can be constructed using geogrids and using fills of any quality.


1.Independent Accreditation
2.Manufactured from HDPE
3.Strong rigid apertures
4.UV Stabilised
5.No Artificial or Welded joints
6.Versatile Facing Options
7.Design Support


1.No other soil reinforcement has such a wide range of certification. Partial factors independently checked.
2.Chemically and biologically inert Quality Assured Certified manufacturing to BS EN ISO 9001:1994
3.Superior interlock with soil
4.For long term exposure projects.
5.Robust and damage resistant
6.Most extensive range of facing options. No specialist construction skills Economical construction necessary
7.1800 4 bidim


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